Monday, January 21, 2013

I have been meaning to update this blog for some time, but have failed miserably to do so. The game has undergone many changes over the last few months, but I feel it's best to start with some of the basics and clue you into the changes as we move along. Basic Rules: The Aim of the Game - The primary goal in the game is to have one of your units (any one of your units) occupy the enemy's keep. Once a unit has moved into the opposing player's keep square the game ends. There is no final round. There is only victory and defeat. Beginning the Game - The board is set between the two players. Each player takes a deck of cards and shuffles them thoroughly. The decks are then placed face down in front of the players. Roll the dice to determine who plays first. Typically, highest number goes first, but if you have some other way to determine who goes first knock yourself out. Each player takes five cards from the top of their deck. The Turn - Every turn has three phases: 1. Draw Phase - This is simple enough. Draw one card from the top of your deck into your hand. If you have no cards in your hand, draw two cards. 2. Dispatch Phase - At the beginning of each turn you have 4 dispatch points. Each unit and item has a dispatch cost ranging from 1 to 4. You may dispatch as many items/units as you wish up to the total 4 points that are available. Units can only be dispatched to your castle squares. Items can be dispatched to any Regular Unit (we'll discuss units later) no matter where that unit is on the board. Units can have only one item equipped at any time and once they are given that item they keep it until they die so choose carefully. 3. Move/Attack/Special Phase - Every unit has the ability to do one of three things each turn: move one space, attack, or use their special ability (if applicable). To put it in other words. If a unit moves on their turn they cannot attack and if they attack they cannot move and if they use their special ability they cannot move or attack. You can only make a total of two attacks in a turn. Those two attacks, should you choose to make them, have to come from different characters. This is in keeping with the previous rule. I will make a post regarding the more complicated rules such as attacks, stacking, and ranged combat in the near future. I will also attempt to get pictures of the game posted as soon as possible so you can have an idea of what the game board looks like. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading! Ash