Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Storm the Castle is the working title for a new board game that I have created. The game features two decks of cards (presently fifty cards per deck), a pair of six-sided dice, and a playing board. The decks are built identically and the board is designed to give no player a specific advantage. Across the board are several spaces upon which a player may play his/her cards. Some of these spaces grant bonuses/penalties. The object of the game is to move your units across the board and into the enemy's keep. If you succeed in that simple goal you win! However, this is no easy task. You have limitations as to how many attacks you can make in a turn, how many cards you can place on the board, and how far your units can move. And of course there is a bit of a luck mechanic in both the drawing of cards and the rolling of dice so...yeah, it can be a little difficult, but if you play your cards right (literally, in this case) you should be able to take advantage of the board no matter what you've drawn. Those are the basics for now, but I will update more specifics on the progress of the game and post pictures for reference when I get the chance. I will also try to post rules and update them as the game goes through many changes each time it's played.